Air Conditioning

When you decide on having a heating or cooling unit installed take into consideration when you choose a fully licenced and accredited installer you will receive expert advice on before and after sales, Purchasing from  wholesale or retail may sometimes seem the cheaper alternative, take into consideration the cost can actually be more expensive considering the time to find a installer in some cases a wholesaler or retailer will offer an installer who will more than likely charge a higher price. With Coastal Refrigeration and Airconditioning we quote for all aspects, sales,installation and prompt after sales backup and support.

Types of air conditioning systems.
  • Wall mounted split system units
  • Multi split systems
  • Ceiling cassettes
  • Ducted systems
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Things to consider when obtaining a quote.

  • Choosing an air conditioning system to suit your needs can be a time consuming task. A professional installer will do an on site inspection of your property ensuring that the right size system and location are worked out prior to installing the system. This means that when the job is completed you will be happy with the end result.

While price can be a determining factor in regarding the acceptance of a quotation it should be considered that a poorly installed system can significantly reduce its life span. Errors due to poor installation are not covered under manufacturers warranty and repairs can be costly as well as inconvenient.


  • One of the main reasons for premature failure of an air conditioning/refrigeration system is impurities and moisture causing acidic conditions within the refrigerant and can cause early compressor failure. When installing the system care must be taken that no foreign materials and moisture enter the pipe work. The pipework must be properly evacuated to remove air and moisture when the system is being installed.